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Ekmattra Production

Ekmattra Production is a feature film production house based in Dhaka. The production house so far has produced two feature films named 'Je Shohor Chorabali' and 'Katush Kutush'. Both of the films have received huge appreciation from film critics and viewers.

Ekmattra Production has an unconventional approach to making films that always carry a social message. It aims to make the viewer contemplate about the issues that often go unnoticed. In the coming days, Ekmattra Production plans to screen some more unique and meaningful stories.

Feature Film

Short Film

Web Series

Music Video



Other than feature films, Ekmattra Production plans to produce web series of international standard in the coming days. Web series culture has added a new dimension to the content marketing and online entertainment. The team believes that the future of web series is promising as it has a huge number of loyal viewer base online.

Ekmattra Production has a team of enthusiastic filmmakers who vouch for thought provoking short film production. The team aim to release a series of in-house short film production with a social message that will help to develop a more meaningful and lenient society.

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Production Consultancy

Ekmattra Production Unit has one of the longest lists of successfully completed projects including feature films, documentaries, and promotional AVCs. The production wing has in-house state of the art editing panel with round-the-clock professional editors, in-house video cameras with skilled cinematographers, and sound recording tools with experienced sound engineers.

One of the founders of Ekmattra, Mr. Shubhashish Roy is a prominent media personnel and independent filmmaker, who nurtured the unit with much love and personal care, making the Audio Visual unit one of the strongest departments of Ekmattra.

Feature Film


Promo Video



Video Tutorial



Tourism Promotion

Ekmattra already has a long list of productions that have been successfully delivered to the satisfied clients. Ekmattra has always been proud of being the production partner of renowned national, international, and multinational organizations.

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Ekmattra production team is the most trusted media consultancy in Bangladesh for foreign filmmakers and production houses. From pre-production to post-production, the team provides A-Z support to both local and foreign production in Bangladesh as per requirement.

Ekmattra always ensures the comfort of its client, providing the ease to solely concentrate on the project. Therefore, Ekmattra Production team takes care of all the burden like fixing meetings with stakeholders, location hunt, casting, managing shooting unit and many more.

Production Meeting

Equipment Rental

Location Hunting


Artist Contract

Media Communication

Production Management


Film Promotion

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Gadget and Gear Solution

Ekmattra production unit comes with all modern shooting gears to shoot basic to advanced production. Clients can rent their desired gears from the team upon availability.

The video shooting, sound recording, and production unit come with an array of equipment that meets the needs of almost all kinds of shooting. Besides, the fully operational modern editing panel is one of the main attractions of Ekmattra production house. The state of the art editing panel can be rented along with the gears as well.


Editing Panel


Production Unit

Shooting Transport

Set Design

Sound Unit

Human Resource

Recording Studio

For any kind of rentals, please contact here.

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Digital and Traditional Marketing

Ekmattra has multiple team of professionals that tirelessly work to build a relationship with your Target Group (TG) both online and offline. The digital and field marketing team, with the support of strong distribution channel nationwide, are capable of making your service or product familiar in everyday life in Bangladesh.

Content Marketing

D2D Marketing

Email Marketing

Web Design and Development

Search Engine Optimization


Broadcast Marketing

Print Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Event and Fair

Outdoor Marketing

Ekmattra caters according to the client’s need. The marketing team works in separate stages to get the best output.

Stage 1 is the brainstorm session. In this stage, Ekmattra team make a connection between client’s need – market situation – presentation. Once the client’s business objective and target customer group is understood, Ekmattra runs a survey on the demographics to determine the way they are going to present client’s product or service.

Once the demographic and objective are locked, in stage 2, the team set a target in number against the budget.

In stage 3, the team makes an execution plan with strict deadlines.

In the final stage, the plan is executed and KPI report is submitted to the client for review.

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Product Launching and Branding

Team Ekmattra believe that ‘Branding is an Art’. The visual communication of a product or service is the most crucial factor for any business to achieve success. Ekmattra has one of the strongest arrangements in Bangladesh for product branding and launching nationwide.

Customized Marketing Plan

Effective PR Plan

Media Outreach

Expert Consultancy

Test and Trial

Research and Development

Superior product design

Exclusive Events

To make the target customers familiar with your product, Ekmattra has all the solutions needed. Depending on client’s budget and objective, the product launching and branding plans are drawn and executed.

If you have a readymade product to introduce in a brand new market, Ekmattra team can swiftly take it at the doorsteps of your customer. At the same time, if the client is unsure about whether to modify the products and pricing according to the demographics, Ekmattra may take the role of branding consultant in order to make sure that the client’s investment and effort do not go in vain.

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Market Research

Without a series of thorough market and customer behavior research, it is nearly impossible to determine the fate of a product or service in the market. Ekmattra’s specialized market research and analysis wing is perfect for your business decisions. If you are a local or foreign company, planning to introduce a new product or service, or want to know the current status of your existing product in the market, Ekmattra research and analysis wing can provide you with the accurate data.

Competitor Analysis

Supply and Demand Analysis

Market Feasibility Study

Target Market Analysis

Marketing Questionnaire Design

Online Market Research

Product Testing

Pricing Research

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Monitoring Sales and Distribution

Ekmattra has a strong and competent distribution network across Bangladesh capable of penetrating competitive market. The sales-driven attitude of the team can be a very crucial factor for your business to penetrate and establish in the Bangladeshi market.

Sales Management

Sales Operation

Sales Report

Customer Service

Demand Forecasting

Territory Survey

Sales Data Management

Sales Evaluation

Competitor Evaluation

If you are unsatisfied with your current sales growth, our humble request would be to have a meeting with our sales team once. We are equipped with the exact tools and human resources needed to boost your sales. Our sales growth strategies are sustainable with your existing customer base and penetrable into a new customer base.

Not sure about how to boost your sales? Contact us for expert consultancy.

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PR and Communication

Ekmattra represents and communicates on behalf of its valued client. The company believes in interactive and meaningful communication with individuals and stakeholders that will uphold the optimum value and prestige of its respected client.

Communicating with the right person at the right time on behalf of the clients is the key strength of Ekmattra. It is the duty of the team to look after the reputation of the respective clients in the media and public.

Media Relation

Media Presence

Reputation Management

Networking Meetup

Media Influencer


Media Buzz

Press Conference

Disaster Management

Media Reputation

Press Release

Strategic Guidance

Ekmattra’s proactive communication department helps clients to grow their business connection with the right person at the right time. With meaningful and effective connection, a business growth can jump upwards. From a coffee meeting to a business dinner, Ekmattra is always keen to build meaningful and cooperative relationships between the clients and other stakeholders.

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Media Buying and Monitoring

The responsibility doesn’t end after circulating your brand content in the media. You have to keep an eye on your media presence 24/7. In the digital media era, it’s not enough to monitor the traditional media only. Ekmattra expert media buying and monitoring team can place your service or product in the media to grab attention of your target group. At the same time, the team can monitor your media presence and perception of netizens and target group towards your brand.

Media Slot Purchase

Advertisement Tracking

Social Media Monitoring

Media Report

Press Clipping

Media Analytics

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A business cannot operate without logistics support. Ekmattra Entrepreneurs deliver each client with their accurate needs and support. From hiring transport to provide support to set up an entire corporation, Ekmattra Logistics can take care of A to Z logistics support for national, international, and multinational companies.


Production Line


Raw Material

Human Resource

Supply Chain



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Legal support is the key to business sustainability. Ekmattra team have been helping foreign clients with holistic legal support to set up and run business as per the law of People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Our company has maintained a liaison with several legal partners who are expert in legal advising, corporate taxation, and business formation.

Business Formation

Corporate Taxation




Legal Advising




MoU, Contract & Agreement

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Social Research

Ekmattra has been a research-oriented organization from the very first day of its inception. The company has executed social and market survey on behalf of large development organizations and corporations. The expert survey team design survey material and conduct the survey on target group as per client’s objective and bring the best output possible.

Longitudinal Study

Cross-sectional Study


Correlational Research

Experimental Research


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Content Development

Content matters the most in today’s market. No matter how good the product or service is, it’s always the content that sells. Ekmattra has a pool of writers, creative content developers, copywriters, and visualizers that can project your brand image to the target group like never before.

Script Writing

Explainer Video

Blog Writing


Website Content

Social Media Posts

Content Marketing

SEO Article

Marketing Materials

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Design and Publication

Ekmattra specializes in providing accurate translation and interpretation service for different occasions and event. Our native interpreters can travel to different places with clients to ensure effective communication.

Besides, we have been providing translation service to a large number of local and foreign companies for various project. Our translation service comes with topnotch proofreading and editing so that our client’s voice is heard clear and on point.


Translation for NGO

Proposal Writing

Legal Translation

Interpreter Service

News Translation

Technical Translation

Synopsis Service

Document Translation

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Design and Publication

The design and printing section is something that Ekmattra can brag about. For marketing, event, or activation purpose, no matter what the objective is, Ekmattra has its in-house design and motion graphic team to provide the best output in the market. Not only design, but Ekmattra also comes with top-notch printing service available in the industry. Ekmattra is second to none when it comes to color combination and printing material quality.

Identity Design

Festival Design

Corporate Gifts

Event Design


Brand Design

Campaign Design

Press and Printing

Corporate Printing

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Event Management and Activation

Ekmattra has one of the superior event management and activation team, which has experience of working with foreign and local organizations across the country. Be it a day-long, week-long, indoor, or outdoor event, Ekmattra is equipped with all sorts of hands and gears to execute an event of international standard.

BTL Marketing


Road Show


Trade Show


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When it comes to rehabilitate vulnerable community, handicrafts comes to be the most convenient and prompt solution to generate income and start the ‘change-cycle’ for many. Handicrafts production can be established after small scale training with minimal investment and easy-to-get raw materials. Therefore, Ekmattra puts emphasis on handicrafts project, considering it one of the fastest means to bring a change to a vulnerable person’s life.

Ekmattra family upholds the value of ‘paying it back’ to the society. With this vision, Ekmattra Handicrafts Factory started its journey to empower underprivileged rural women in Bangladesh. To begin with, a batch of women in Mymensingh district, after attending a substantial training period, is making signature Ekmattra handicraft items.

The women are given training and resources to utilize their potential under the supervision of Ekmattra Handicrafts Team. At present, the handicrafts team are making handmade pens, mirrors, ornaments and some other handicrafts in medium scale. These products are sold both in Bangladesh and Japan.

In near future, Ekmattra handicraft factory aims to set up small scale production team in urban streets of Dhaka to empower a large vulnerable community gradually.

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Ekmattra Tourism

Unlike other conventional tour operators and agencies, Ekmattra Tourism always look forward to creating meaningful experiences and memories for the travelers. With this vision, Ekmattra Tourism launched its tour operation within Bangladesh. Every year, a number of foreign and local visitors are coming to visit and enjoy the authentic experience of rural Bangladesh.

Ekmattra Tourism not only arranges travel itinerary, but also provides the visitors with the opportunity to explore experiences like never before. The concept of eco-tourism and developmental tourism are being emphasized by Ekmattra Tourism. This enables the visitors to have a unique and blended experience of traveling and learning.

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Ekmattra Restaurant


As its name suggests, Alootopia specializes in potato items. The word Alootopia is a portmanteau of two separate words, ‘Aloo’ (Potato) and ‘Utopia’ (A perfect place). This symbolically means that Alootopia is a place for potato lovers to find the best and perfectly cooked potato snacks and munchies.

Alootopia is located at one of the prime location in Dhaka- Hatirjhil Bridge towards Niketon, Gulshan. The restaurant has a moderate sitting arrangement with a nice view of busy Dhaka city and scenic landscape of Hatirjhil Lake.

The restaurant currently serves potato items like potato cutlet, fuchka and chatpati, cheesy potato croquette, aloo paratha, dum aloo, french fries, wedges and many more.

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We create user friendly experience through an engaging and interesting strategy that is considered as the epitome of success for any web design.

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Need a solid software foundation for your business? Uncoordinated mobile apps and software stress out your employees and impede your productivity? Leverage our decade-long expertise in enterprise software development, API integration, modernising legacy systems, and consolidating app portfolios.

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Nearly everyone can code, but its takes intelligence to develop apps that people love. Ekmattra is a mobile app development company that is ready
to create engaging, vibrant and soul-satisfying mobile apps that will drive business for your brand.

Our team is expert on mobile apps on cross-platforms, iOS apps, Android apps. Before launching the app in the market, we conduct serious A/B testing to ensure that the mobile app is working smoothly on all the popular mobile platforms.

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Ekmattra, a professional digital marketing company in Dhaka Bangladesh, that takes care of all the digital marketing solutions for your brand, be it designs, content or social media strategy. Our team is fueled with thirst of knowledge. One thing that differentiates us from the rest of the digital marketing companies is that we have the expertise to craft a listening brand right from the scratch. A digital marketing agency in Dhaka  which is laser-focused on solving the most complex digital problems with ease.

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We understand Google updates and algorithms and work accordingly. Our SEO strategy are up to date and matchless that improve your website rankings, increase the traffic and revenue over a short period of time.

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Our global affiliate marketing network empowers advertisers and publishers of all sizes to grow their businesses online.

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